Wednesday, 26 August 2009

mdma sessionz (volume 2)

Ricardo Jefferson, has been shimmying his way into the collective conscience of electronic music fans for some time. His releases on, 22 Digit Records, Pure Trax, Red Robot and Manuscript exemplify his quality and originality. His upcoming 'Brutal Truth EP' on, Third Ear should see him exposed to an even wider audience, and to cerebrate this impending release, Ricardo has put together this, outstanding, mix.
Ricardo Jefferson's - mdma sessionz volume two by ricardojefferson

1) a) A Frog Chorus –Jefferson’s Edit
b) Music for Small Individuals – K.Katt (Ricardo Jefferson’s Low Voltage remix)
c) Home – Darren Emerson (Tom Pook’s Piano Edit)
2) a) Silence of the Bombies – Dave Brennan (Jamie Jones Aquaman mix)
b) You – Jamie Jones
3) a) Stop Space Return- Crazy P ( Simon Baker Out House Dub)
b) Sloopy – Subb-an (John Tejada rmix)
4) a) Africanism – Magik Johnson
b) Chronology - Kevin Yost/Peter Funk
5) a) Chronology (cont..)
b) Zippo – Mike Monday/Will Saul
c) Tension Release – Gavin Herlihy
6) a) Even Better – Santos Resiak
b) Feel The Music – Fer Ferrari
7) a) A Brutal Truth – Ricardo Jefferson
b) Beelaying - T.G
8) a) Air Race – Style of Eye (Worthy’s Mid-Air Collision rmix)
b) Air Race – Original Mix
9) a) Exercise – T.G.
b) Sleep With Me – DJ Yellow (Wink Edit)
c) Dum - The Martin Brothers
10) a ) Dum (cont..)
b) Kitch-in - T.G.
c) Music For Small Individuals – K.Katt
11) a) Jimmy Swaggart In Brazil - Ricardo Jefferson’s YouTube Smash and Grab
b) The Feeling – Magik Johnson
Bonus Track……
12) Make it Happen – Playgroup (Zongamin rmix)

You can hear more from Ricardo Jefferson at his myspace page here.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Check Out Our Crews...

Very Very can now be found DJing in Cruise Jeans, Newcastle upon Tyne, on saturday afternoons. We believe there should be more daytime DJing and dancing. I mean really, why is dancing reserved for evenings and late at night?

Well we're buckin' the trend. Go into town, have a cuppa, get some shopping in and why not have a little dance when you're done? Sounds good to me.

If you fancy that too, come and check out some trendy togs and listen to our lovely music at Cruise Jeans, Newcastle upon Tyne, saturday afternoons 1 'til 5. It'd be lovely to see you.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Death By Electro Giants - Dirty Bomb

With this post I introduce the Industrial/Techno/Drum&Bass/Metal band Death By Electro Giants.

The duo have recently become involved in a charity project that sees participants swap remix packs between each other, with the ultimate goal being a digital release of widely varying content. The project, known as 'Industrial Action', is further (and much better) explained here.

Being the nice chaps that they are DBEG sent me the remix files for their track 'Dirty Bomb'. So, here is my take on their excellent track;

You can download it here.

Very Jon X

Monday, 15 June 2009

20 Jack Dub Greats

Something new for you. Nostalgic references to all sorts, come together in a plodder for the darkest of back rooms.

download it here

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pig Tears

Very Jon - Pig Tears is out this week, available exclusively on Beatport for a few weeks, so you can get it before it goes live on all the other stores.

It features 3 tracks ranging from party house to techy disco. Grab it while its hot...

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I've Got My Music

Bank Holiday is here AGAIN!
Us chaps will be at Tokyo on Saturday then Block Party (outside the Ship, Byker) during the day on Sunday before heading back to Tokyo again for some terrible twosome terrace action.
Here's a recent mix of Marvin Gaye - 'I've Got My Music' just for you;

download it here
This has been sent to the Cool Note/We Love... lads, and will probably get its 1st play with them tonight (Thurs 21st) at Tokyo. Check em out 8 till 1.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Heavy Metal

This is an edit I did a while ago of 'Heavy Metal' by Don Felder. It's the theme tune from an 80s cult cartoon of the same name. I strongly recommend checking it out, it's well worth a look. Get the edit here, listen to it wherever you are.

Don Felder - Heavy Metal (Vins edit) by VinsDJ

Friday, 8 May 2009

Its All Over Now Baby Blue

Here's a new edit of the Them cover version of a Bob Dylan classic, Its All Over Now Baby Blue. Something of a tearjerker for when the sun goes down.

Grab it here

In a cheesy radio way, I'm going to dedicate this to the last ever Nice at cosmic ballroom in Newcastle tomorrow night (Saturday 9th May)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Planet Claire

More bank holiday fun times this weekend! We're twice as nice at Tokyo, playing there on Saturday and Sunday. If your out flashing cash in Newcastle this weekend come and say hello and maybe nuzzle up with us.

Here's the most recent edit i've done,
The B-52's - Planet Claire (Very Jon Re-edit)
If you like this and fancy some more new wave surf pop then check out more B-52's.
They did so much good stuff they are almost vindicated from associations with REM


Saturday, 25 April 2009

Uncle Frank

Check out this G.I. trumpeting her tits off in the new disco house tune I did this week...
Very Jon - Uncle Frank

...and she's flicking you the V's!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Vins Said It Again...

This Disco Queen looks like she's seen one disco too many. She's even started mugging disco balls for their clothes.


Hot Chocolate - Disco Queen (Vins edit) has yet to see any discos, but we'll put paid to that tonight. Here's the finished edit, a little shorter, tighter and louder - get your eyeballs and ear holes round it right here:

Hot Chocolate - Disco Queen (Vins edit) by VinsDJ

Mushy peas.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sly Dairy

Well, the bank holiday weekend was special! Amazing nights on Saturday and Sunday. We even got to see Daniele Baldelli, who was incredible.
Here's a new tune. I'll keep it up for a week or so. Some cheeky slow house for when the sun comes back out.

Very Jon - Weakend Friends

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Good Friday Stuff

Especially for Easter, heres an edit of seminal folk rocker Neil Young doing proggy, sci-fi proto-trance. Um. It's better than it sounds...

Heres the original too. Check out the album, 'Trans'. For a different side to the godfather of grunge.

And last but not least, you can download the latest Very Jon promo mix here


01 Alkaline Trio - I Found Away (Very Jon’s Worked Up Mix) [Unsigned]

02 Andrew Allsgood - Pigs In Space [Truffle]

03 Mark E - Smokescreen [Sonar Kollektiv]

04 Junior Boys - Dull To Pause [Domino Recording]

05 6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max [Instruments Of Rapture]

06 Cronk Family Enterprises - The Fitting Room [Five20east]

07 Deep Space Orchestra - City Streets [Five20east]

08 Harri & The Revenge - Rocky Mountain Drifter [Five20east]

09 Antena - Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix) [Permanent Vacation]

10 Boogie Corporation - 94 Slices [Bc]

11 Ilija Rudman - Under The Water [Deep Freeze]

12 Downtown Party Network - Into Your Face [Eskimo Belgium]

13 Kraak & Smaak Feat Ben Westbeech - Squeeze Me [Jalapeno]

14 Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Re [Domino]

15 In Flagranti - Lourve For Yo [Sounds Superb]

16 Very Jon - Sunshine Loneliness [Unsigned]

17 Human Boot Project - Sneaking Sheep (Ricardo Jefferson’s Counting Fences Re Work) [Red Robot]

18 Audio Dependant - Dingaling [22 Digit]

19 Ricardo Jefferson - Chi Town (Very Jon’s Social Menace Mix) [Unsigned]

20 Hugo - Moneymaker [Claque]

21 Drop Out Orchestra - Gibbon [Drop Out Us]

22 Subway - Together In Electric Dreams [Sunday Best]

23 Ricardo Jefferson & Very Jon - The Power Of Prayer [Unsigned]

Very Very Easter Bank Holiday Bashing

Very Very will be busy as bees on speed this BHW. You can catch us in our usual Saturday night spot at Tokyo, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, from 8 'til 1. We'll also be guesting at The Block Party, at The Ship Inn, Byker on Sunday afternoon. This kicks off at midday and boozes on through 'til 9pm. The Block Party has been known to see crowds of 600+ even in blizzard conditions! I shit you not. A top party, not to be missed, check the link for line up extraordinaire.

We'll be sinking some beers there before heading up to our home away from home, Tokyo, to play the insanely busy Easter Sunday spot on the Tokyo terrace. Shenanigans begin at 6pm and go on until the last Mojito is drunk and the last reveller falls. Which will probably be me.

So if you're anywhere near Newcastle upon Tyne this Easter bank holiday weekend, come give us a hug.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Vins Said It....

The first post of 2009 and erm... ever, for that matter, is an edit I finished recently of 'Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing' by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell. This has had the thumbs up from those most venerable chaps at Ooft, who along with The Revenge, release tracks and edits that always carry a guaranteed seal of unsurpassed quality. This is sure to go down a treat in those early doors summer sets before the tempo goes up and the techno comes out.

Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (Vins edit) by VinsDJ