Wednesday, 26 August 2009

mdma sessionz (volume 2)

Ricardo Jefferson, has been shimmying his way into the collective conscience of electronic music fans for some time. His releases on, 22 Digit Records, Pure Trax, Red Robot and Manuscript exemplify his quality and originality. His upcoming 'Brutal Truth EP' on, Third Ear should see him exposed to an even wider audience, and to cerebrate this impending release, Ricardo has put together this, outstanding, mix.
Ricardo Jefferson's - mdma sessionz volume two by ricardojefferson

1) a) A Frog Chorus –Jefferson’s Edit
b) Music for Small Individuals – K.Katt (Ricardo Jefferson’s Low Voltage remix)
c) Home – Darren Emerson (Tom Pook’s Piano Edit)
2) a) Silence of the Bombies – Dave Brennan (Jamie Jones Aquaman mix)
b) You – Jamie Jones
3) a) Stop Space Return- Crazy P ( Simon Baker Out House Dub)
b) Sloopy – Subb-an (John Tejada rmix)
4) a) Africanism – Magik Johnson
b) Chronology - Kevin Yost/Peter Funk
5) a) Chronology (cont..)
b) Zippo – Mike Monday/Will Saul
c) Tension Release – Gavin Herlihy
6) a) Even Better – Santos Resiak
b) Feel The Music – Fer Ferrari
7) a) A Brutal Truth – Ricardo Jefferson
b) Beelaying - T.G
8) a) Air Race – Style of Eye (Worthy’s Mid-Air Collision rmix)
b) Air Race – Original Mix
9) a) Exercise – T.G.
b) Sleep With Me – DJ Yellow (Wink Edit)
c) Dum - The Martin Brothers
10) a ) Dum (cont..)
b) Kitch-in - T.G.
c) Music For Small Individuals – K.Katt
11) a) Jimmy Swaggart In Brazil - Ricardo Jefferson’s YouTube Smash and Grab
b) The Feeling – Magik Johnson
Bonus Track……
12) Make it Happen – Playgroup (Zongamin rmix)

You can hear more from Ricardo Jefferson at his myspace page here.